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Warrants: What’s the Difference?

There are similarities between a search warrant, an arrest warrant, and a bench warrant.  All are related to a governmental action that involves law enforcement and require authorization by a Judicial Officer before they are considered valid. Search Warrant A search...

Failure to Appear: What Do You Do?

Did you happen to miss your court date? If this is your situation, there are consequences that usually follow unless there is a good reason that was out of your hands. The consequences of not appearing depend on your situation so it’s always good to obtain legal...

DWI Charges Explained

Rather see the video? Click here. Have you been pulled over and arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving? Don’t assume that means you’ll automatically be stuck with a DWI on your record. There are options and alternatives if you are facing this situation. The...

DWI Breakdown with Attorney Chris Cain

After being arrested for DWI, at least two and up to four separate legal actions (lawsuits) are initiated against a person facing charges. These cases are complex, and if you’re facing these charges, you probably have a lot of questions. Criminal Charges: Everyone is...