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Question: Will I Go To Jail For A DWI?

by | Jun 25, 2014 | DUI/DWI

Will I Go To Jail For A DWI?


In this short video, I explained a part of the DWI process involving minimum sentencing in Minnesota.

So… to answer the question about would you going to jail?  Of course there is a chance, but if it’s your first offense that isn’t always necessarily the case.  It is important to remember, especially in the case of a DWI, that your attorney plays a very large role in what happens with your case.

The presence of an attorney can sometimes mean getting a reduced sentence, a reduced fine, or getting the charges dropped altogether, but it’s obviously not a guarantee and every case is different.  It also matters whether or not it is your first DWI/DUI as the punishment is a quite a bit more severe for repeat offenders.

Now, there are multiple ways a court may rule, but the important thing to remember is that there are extreme gaps between each sentence, as these are the gaps attorneys often “fix” for their clients, and certainly something I’ve been able to remedy in my time as a criminal defense attorney.

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