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Legal Resources

Minnesota Court Website:

The Minnesota Court System website that provides a great deal of information, including forms, information about judges and how to file certain simple legal forms.

Family Law Blog:

Great resource that covers Minnesota family law issues.

Minnesota Case Information (MCRO):

Criminal, civil and family law public records.

MN Child Support Calculator:

This is the official state calculator for child support in Minnesota.

MN Drivers’ License Checker:

Is your driver’s license suspended? Get a real-time update (free) from the state of Minnesota at this site.

Parents Forever:

Ordered to take the Parenting class? This site tells you exactly what they are and how you sign up for them.

Ignition Interlock:

Some detailed information from the Minnesota rules regarding the Ignition Interlock Device which is “required” under many circumstances in Minnesota.


Below are some of the most common courthouses we go to. If you are wondering if you have court today (or if anyone else does), click the “Weekly Public Court Calendar,” which is on the lower right on each county court page.