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Five Advantages of Divorce Mediation in Minnesota

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Divorce

If you and your spouse are considering separating, you are not alone: the American Psychological Association (APA) estimates that approximately 45 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. Most divorcing couples want to find an efficient and amicable solution. No one wants to be locked in nasty, protracted litigation. Divorce mediation could be the answer. In this article, our Mankato, MN divorce lawyers highlight five advantages of using mediation to reach a divorce settlement.

1. Mediation is Cost Effective and Efficient

As a starting point, divorce mediation can be much faster and far less expensive than litigation. In fact, in some cases, divorcing couples are able to use mediation to finalize their separation in 90 days, or even less than that. If you and your partner have issues to work through but want to reach a divorce settlement outside of the courtroom, mediation may be the best path forward.

2. The Process Emphasizes Collaboration

Many people—especially parents of young children—want to reach a low-conflict divorce settlement that spares hurt feelings as much as possible and that preserves positive relationships. Generally, divorcing spouses have at least some mutual interests. Mediation puts an emphasis on the parties working together to find common ground. As explained by the Minnesota Judicial Branch, the independent mediator is there to help facilitate resolution, not to decide who is right or wrong.

3. You Can Still Be Represented By an Attorney

Going through mediation does not mean that your legal rights or financial interests will take a backseat. You should still be represented by an experienced Minnesota divorce lawyer who can ensure that any settlement that is reached is proper and fair. Your lawyer will ensure that your rights are respected.

4. Much of the Specifics are Kept Private

In Minnesota, a divorce will become part of the public record. That being said, unlike litigation, much of the specifics within the mediation process are confidential. When you reach a settlement through mediation, much of the intimate details about your marriage and your separation will be kept out of the public eye.

5. Mediation is Voluntary—You Retain Other Options

Finally, another important advantage of family law mediation is that the process is always completely voluntary. If you decide to use divorce mediation, you are not obligated to reach a settlement with your spouse. While divorce mediation is extremely effective for many divorcing couples, it is not right for everybody. In some cases, mediation may simply not be the best path forward. You always retain the right to exit the mediation process and pursue other legal options.

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