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An Overview of Sex Offender Registration Requirements in Minnesota

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Sex Crimes

If you were arrested for a sex offense, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced defense attorney right away. Along with the strict criminal penalties, sex crimes carry a deep stigma. A conviction could follow you for decades, or even longer.

In Minnesota, sex crimes convictions often require registration as a sex offender. Here, our Mankato sex crimes defense lawyers explain four of the most important things you need to know about Minnesota’s sex offender registration requirements.

1. Many Sex Offenses Require Registration

Minnesota has strict sex offender registration requirements. Under state law, registration is required for many different offenses. Some notable examples of sex crimes that could result in a defendant being added to the database include:

  • Kidnapping;
  • False imprisonment;
  • Felony indecent exposure;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Solicitation of a minor; and
  • Possession of child pornography.

2.The Duration of Sex Offender Registration Varies

How long a defendant’s name remains on the sex offender list depends on the specific circumstances of their case. As a general rule, a person will remain on the sex offender list for at least ten years or for the entire length as their probation—whichever is longer. That being said, there are some offenses for which a person cannot get their name removed from Minnesota’s sex offender list. Permanent registration may be required.

3. Failure to Register is a Serious Criminal Offense

If you were required to register as a sex offender and you have not done so, you need to take immediate action. Call a Minnesota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Under state law, failure to register is itself, a criminal act. You can be arrested and sent to prison for up to one year for a first-time failure to register offense. Further, if you fail to register, you may face an additional five years on the sex offender list.

4. You May Be Assigned a ‘Risk Level’ By the Minnesota Department of Corrections

Pursuant to Minnesota law, many sex offenders are assigned a risk level. There are three different risk levels. A level 1 offender is considered to be the lowest risk to the community. In contrast, a level 3 offender is considered to have a high risk of re-offending. When a level 3 offender is released, information will be provided to the public.

As explained by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, state authorities are required to follow “community notification” requirements for level 3 offenders. When a level 3 offender moves into a new neighborhood, the community will likely be notified by law enforcement. Being designated a level 3 offender carries serious stigma.

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