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Four Tips to Help Make a Divorce Easier on Children

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law

Divorce is one of the most difficult things that parents of young kids can go through. Even if you and your spouse both agree that a separation is best, the process can still be incredibly stressful. At the same time, divorce is a normal part of life for many people. While it can be challenging, your divorce does not have to be a traumatic experience for your children. Here, our Mankato family lawyers highlight four tips that you can use to make a divorce easier for your children.

1. Emphasize that Your Divorce is Not About Your Children

Marriages end for a wide range of different reasons. It is crucial that your children understand that they are not the cause of your divorce. Even if you and your partner have issues related to parenting, it is not your child’s fault that you are separated. By keeping conflict low and sparing your children from any arguments, you can help to emphasize that they are not at the cause of the divorce.

2. Be Open and Honest With Your Children (Age Appropriate)

While it is generally best to spare children from any conflict, it is also important to remember that they will have questions—potentially a lot of questions. You do not want to hide your divorce from them. Family counselors and professionals typically recommend that parents are open and honest with their children—appropriate with the child’s age and level of maturity.

3. Look for Collaborative Solutions to Your Divorce

Parents can often benefit from finding collaborative divorce solutions. Divorce litigation can be stressful—especially for children. Ultimately, all custody and visitation matters are resolved under Minnesota’s best interests of the child statute (Sec. 518.17 MN Statutes). State law presumes that it is best for a child to have a positive, ongoing relationship with both parents whenever possible. Try to make a good faith effort to preserve familial relationships even through your divorce.

4. Be Ready to Seek Professional Support for Your Children

As a parent, you can do everything right and your divorce may still be very difficult for your children. Every child reacts to their parent’s separation in their own way. You may even have a situation where one of your kids is fine while the other one is struggling. Do not hesitate to seek professional guidance and support for your child. A divorce attorney can help with the legal and logistical aspect of your child. A family counselor or therapist may be able to work with your child and assist them in navigating the divorce.

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