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How is Child Support Calculated in Minnesota?

by | May 18, 2022 | Child Support

In Minnesota, parents have a basic responsibility to provide financial support for their kids. The amount of child support is largely determined based on the income of each parent and the time the child spends with each parent. Though, other factors may be relevant as well. Here, our Mankato family law attorney provides a more comprehensive guide to the key things that parents need to understand about how child support is calculated in Minnesota.

An Overview of the Minnesota Child Support Statute

In 2007, our state reformed its child support laws and introduced new guidelines for calculating support payments. Under Minnesota law (MN Stat § 518A.35), the general guidelines for determining child support is to divide the responsibility based on the “proportionate share of the parents’ combined monthly parental income for determining child support (PICS).” The court will look at:

  • The monthly income of each parent; and
  • The number of children covered by the award.

There are general child support guidelines in place for one to six children. If there are more than six kids being covered by the award, the court can deviate from the guidelines to determine what is appropriate. If you have any specific questions or concerns about the Minnesota child support calculator, our Mankato family law attorney is available to help.

Minnesota Provides a Child Support Calculator for General Guidance

The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides a Child Support Guidelines Calculator to help parents get a better view of their case. Though, the agency does emphasize that the calculator is for informational and educational purposes only. To use Minnesota’s calculator for child support, you will need to the following information:

  • Income information for both of the parents;
  • Total number of children that will be supported by the order;
  • Any other child support orders that are in place;
  • Spousal support (alimony) obligations;
  • Benefits paid by SSDI, SSI, or the VA to support the child (disabled parent);
  • The amount of medical, dental, and child support costs; and
  • The percentage of parenting time for each parent.

You Can Deviate from the Child Support Guidelines—But Must Show Good Cause

In Minnesota, it is sometimes possible to deviate from the child support guidelines—meaning more or less support may be awarded than is ordinarily called for by the guidelines. A Minnesota court will only approve a child support deviation if the parent who is seeking one can demonstrate that the generalized child support guidelines fails to capture a material factor in their case.

Consult With a Family Law Attorney in Mankato, MN

At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., our Mankato family lawyers have experience handling all types of child support cases. If you have questions about how child support is calculated in Minnesota, we are available to provide reliable guidance. Contact us at 507-405-2442 to request a confidential consultation with an attorney. From our Mankato law office, we handle child support cases in Blue Earth County, Nicollet County, Le Sueur County, and communities beyond.