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Child Support

What to Know About Getting Child Support Payments Reduced in Minnesota

Are you a parent of young children? If you are divorced or otherwise separated, child support may be a legal issue that you need to address. The Minnesota Department of Human Services explains that “every child has the right to support from both parents.” There are strong enforcement mechanisms in Minnesota that allow for the collection of delinquent child support.…

How is Child Support Calculated in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, parents have a basic responsibility to provide financial support for their kids. The amount of child support is largely determined based on the income of each parent and the time the child spends with each parent. Though, other factors may be relevant as well. Here, our Mankato family law attorney provides a more comprehensive guide to the key…

Stimulus Payments and Child Support: Everything Parents Should Know

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government passed a $2.2 trillion economic support package. Within the legislation is a provision to provide direct payments (stimulus payments) to qualifying adults. Recently, state and federal agencies have clarified how overdue child support will affect these payments. In this article, our Mankato child support lawyers highlight the key things that Minnesota…