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Expunging DWI In Minnesota

Certain vehicular offenses may be eligible for expungement in Minnesota. Changes made to the law this past year make it easier for individuals to expunge criminal records. Doing so makes it easier for individuals to seek employment opportunities, pursue careers, purchase homes, and many other activities. Eligibility for Expungement Changes to the law mean that individuals can have records expunged…

Minnesota Expungement Law Change

Minnesota expungement law is undertaking a radical change.  Governor Dayton signed a new law that will take effect on January 1, 2015.  Under the current law, for an expungement to be granted the petitioner would either; need a case to be settled in their favor, otherwise known as a dismissal, or receive a not guilty verdict.  If the petitioner was…

Expungement of Criminal Records in Minnesota

Mankato Expungement Lawyer Everyone makes mistakes.  Some of those mistakes are more serious than others.  And some of those mistakes may even result in criminal convictions.  But once you’ve moved past the mistakes, they don’t necessarily have to be a negative part of your background forever.  With today’s internet and computer databases it’s almost too easy for potential employers and…