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Firearm Restoration

Stand Your Ground Gains Ground in Minnesota

In Minnesota, 36.7% of citizens own firearms and the State of Minnesota is debating adoption of “Stand Your Ground” legislation so that individuals can use these weapons to protect themselves from violent crimes. If passed, Minnesota would become the 34th “Stand Your Ground” state. Open Carry and Conceal Carry Minnesota allows permitted individuals to openly carry a weapon while they…

Gun Regulations: Minnesota Firearm Laws

Keeping in line with gun regulations: Minnesota firearm laws Spring turkey hunting is coming up, and the nice early warm weather is making outdoor shooting ranges more enticing than they would be in your average March.  If you’re thinking about buying a gun, or if you already own one and you want to make sure you’re keeping up with all the…

Minnesota’s Restrictions On Firearm Possession After Conviction

Firearm Possession After Conviction | Most states, including Minnesota, have laws prohibiting people who have been convicted of certain crimes from possessing firearms.  In many cases where these laws are violated, the violation simply comes down to the person in question saying, “I didn’t know I couldn’t own that!”  This post will provide information on who is able to own…