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Spousal Support & Alimony

Is Spousal Support Always Awarded After a Divorce in Minnesota?

After a marital separation in Minnesota, the financially disadvantaged partner may be eligible to receive ongoing payments from their former spouse. You may be wondering: Is alimony guaranteed after a divorce in Minnesota? The answer is ‘no’—spousal support will only be granted if certain basic criteria are satisfied. In this article, our Mankato alimony lawyers offer a guide to Minnesota’s…

Prenuptial Bliss

Traditionally the time leading up to a marriage is filled with flowers, intimacy, and quite a bit of sharing. Sharing the couch, remote, drinks, and meals is commonplace in the early stages of an intimate relationship. As the relationship develops the couple tends to reclaim their individual lifestyles and the intense flames of romance give way to a dull but…

Premarital Agreement in Minnesota: Does It Cover Alimony?

A premarital agreement in Minnesota can cover alimony provided you and your spouse are able to agree on how spousal support will be determined in the event of a divorce. A premarital agreement is a legal contract that a man and a wife enter into prior to getting married. The purpose of the agreement is to provide financial protection for…

What is Separate Property?

During a marriage, a couple generally makes many shared purchases and co-mingles their finances in many ways. This co-mingling of money creates many complications in the event that the couple decides to get divorced. At this time, their shared property and interests need to be split and divided up.  A couple can do the process of dividing up their shared…